Arvutiämblik Support

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Arvutiämblik provides remote support in technical issues. Our TeamViewer Quicksupport module is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and with tablets and smartphones powered by Android or iOS.

Select the system where you will be using the TeamViewer QuickSupport and follow the instructions below.

Remote support module loading

Select browser that you use and follow the instructions.

Working with the remote support module

1. You will see our remote support module, where you can type your name and describe a problem. Wait for our specialists to connect you to resolve the problem.

2. When one of our specialists accepts your request, the confirmation window will appear. Press Allow. After that, a specialist gets access to your computer.

3. After a support session is over, a form becomes visible, there you can assess a session under a 5-grade scale and leave a comment. Your opinion counts!

Working with the module next time

1. When you need support again, press the Arvutiämblik Support tag, which appears on the desktop after the first launch.

2. You will see a familiar remote support module Arvutiämblik. Fill in the fields Name and Problem description Problem description, and press the Support request button. Wait till one of our specialists contacts you.

Options of the TeamViewer panel

When one of our specialists connects you, the session control panel will appear in the right bottom corner of the screen.

This panel features the following opportunities: